The House of Songs Pays Tribute

As an organization, The House of Songs has always been dedicated to artists and the communities they create. Austin, Texas has always been a musicians town, and we're proud to support those musicians, but we're certainly not alone. This month, the historic Threadgill's World Headquarters closed its doors, and the Austin music scene lost a living landmark. While the original Threadgill's remains open on North Lamar, the artists' haunt on Riverside will no longer play host to live music and country cooking. 

The team at Threadgill's has always been a partner in the House's efforts, and in return for its generosity over the years we wanted to say thanks. We grabbed more than 20 of our artists and friends to say goodbye and honor the legendary stage with A Songwriter's Farewell to Threadgill's. While Austin may be losing a local treasure, the spirit of musicianship and community that Threadgill's embodied lives on in a growing and vibrant network of local musicians. For more info on the show, check out KVUE's coverage of the event last month.

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