Get Involved

While predominantly focused on artists, the House of Songs has opportunities for involvement at many levels. Whether you're an artist yourself, a performer, looking to join the local music communities, or simply a supporter of the craft, there are ways for you to participate and be a valuable member of the House's communities. 

Use the links below to learn more about ways you can get involved.


Residencies are the heart and soul of The House of Songs. If you're an artist, click here to learn more about the residency options in Austin and Bentonville.


Our newest program, peer-to-peer is based in Austin and focuses on building bridges within the Austin music community. If you're an Austin songwriter or performer and want to connect with other members of the community, read more here on how this program might suit you.

Local Co-Writing

A key part of the residency experience is getting to write with local artists while visiting a new city. If you're a writer or musician in either Austin or Bentonville, click here to learn more about co-writing opportunities - we're always looking for talented artists to pair with our visiting residents

Sponsors and Partners

Music communities have always welcomed assistance from patrons of the arts, and The House of Songs is no different. If you're interested in supporting the House and its mission financially or through leadership roles, you can learn more about opportunities to get involved here.