A Few Words from The Silver Lining

Arkansas duo Chase and Drew McLaughlin form the group The Silver Lining. They stayed with us to explore Austin and co-write in The House in early January.

It is Sabbath Sunday and our last lazy morning at The House. From my mat on the floor, the sun is bursting orange straight into the tall windows between wooden blinds. Two guitars and a piano sit peacefully arranged around the room, silently buzzing the secrets of their histories and potential. The coffee is good. The house is clean and cozy and bright and light and wood and art and still. When we arrived on Monday, we sped through the tutorial with Jake then sat down with our favorite instruments - the guitar on the wall and the piano in the living room. In the quiet, un-expecting space, we played like children laying hands on instruments for the first time. We spent several hours playing and switching instruments, writing and noodling. 

We had a co-writing session with Scott Collins, which quickly evolved into a friendship and a tour of the city and his home and studio. We co-wrote ALMOST a full song with the amazing Megan Lacy, who we have fallen in love with. We rented scooters and zipped into outdoor markets, coffee shops, and restaurants, stumbling across live music everywhere we turned. We played music with an assortment of beautiful and talented musicians - Mark Abrahams, Siobhan O'Brien, Charles Bryant, Audry Bryant, and Graham Weber - at The Hole in the Wall, the venue that hosted Blaze Foley's last live performance. We made friends with House of Songs neighbors (Love Antell), Lyft drivers, and strangers in shops. 

After a week in The House, we will go home feeling refreshed and renewed; we will go back with several new song starts and a few new songs;  
most importantly, we'll go home with a fresh love for music and art and the people in it. 

Thank you House of Songs- Troy, Graham, Jake, and everyone. Thank you.

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