The quintessential House of Songs experience. Originally pioneered by Danish artists under the collaboration of Campbell and Poul Krebs, a House of Songs Residency seeks to strengthen the ties that music naturally creates. Unlike any other medium, music can cross borders and boundaries, languages and cultures, and connects us all on a deeply personal level. 

By participating in a House of Songs residency, artists from around the world, and here in the U.S., get an opportunity to live and work with peers in different genres with different backgrounds. Creating those organic connections is the heart and soul of the House's mission. 

The House of Songs was a beautiful experience. The curators chose like-minded artists that were extremely talented, kind and very easy to live and write with. The setting was perfect for songwriting and fostered artistry and creativity.”

— Bonnie Montgomery

If you're interested in a House of Songs residency, you can use this link to complete an application, and a member of the House's team will contact you about your potential visit.